our story


hey there, our names are Nolan (left) and Kyle (right). We are the owners of Process + headway coffee people. For years now, our passion has been to be in an environment where people can come together and share moments around a table. so in december of 2018, we got together and decided that we wanted to build something that could be just that.

For us, the main thing is relationship. yes, coffee is important, and yes the aesthetic matters, but at the end of the day, we have realized that people are CRAVING real connection with real people. So at our table, there is room for you — wherever you are, however you are, whoever you are, we are here with you.

Our mission in this adventure is to
create a culture and a brand where we
can eventually open a brick and mortar shop. but in the meantime, help us get there! We would love to cater to your event. Check out our page to get more information.